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Benjamin Fulford: 'a takedown of cabal candidate Mitt Romney is being readied'


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Benjamin Fulford: 'a takedown of cabal candidate Mitt Romney is being readied'

Here is just one small paragraph from Benjamin Fulford’s most recent Weekly geo-political news and analysis update.

In the US, meanwhile a takedown of cabal candidate Mitt Romney is being readied. Preparations are also being made to place many of the [Zionist/Khazarian] Satanists into the FEMA camps they had prepared for US Christians and other civilians guilty of knowing truth.

I don’t know what to make of Fulford, it’s only a few months since I chanced across his material and have read the lead paragraphs forward since the beginning and have read the complete articles back nearly a year.

He was right about the big law suit against the controlling cabal he was telling us about. A couple of callers to The Alex Jones Show asked about it, and Alex said we have to get him on, but so far it appears that Jones’ producers have been unable to do that.

Fulford was also scheduled to be a guest of George Noory on Coast To Coast AM a week ago Monday, but when Monday came, Fulford did not appear and was to be rescheduled.

Fulford also did a brief interview on Strange Universe Radio, just last week, and left like someone was chasing him. And that’s possible. He claims to be a target but is protected by the White Dragon Society, the people bringing in the change he reports on, weekly. You can also find Fulford interviewed by David Wilcock, back in September.

Personally, I don’t know what to make of Wilcock. As for Fulford, I recently heard an internet radio talk show in which I think either John Kaminski or Daryl Bradford Smith refered to him as something like ‘Benjamin Full-of-crap’ and both seemed to be in agreement. But I’m keeping an open mind on the guy who is either very confused or knows a whole lot more than most of the rest of us.

Anyway, I’ve included that paragraph from his recent update because it has something fairly short term to keep an eye on to see what happens, namely the takedown of the seemingly invincible Mitt Romney.

As for placing our domestic enemies in the FEMA camps they have built, I’ve been saying that would be the perfect use for them right along, at least until their treason against our Constitution – our one legitimate government – puts them in front of a firing squad or leaves them dangling from a noose. They have cost America – and much of the world – dearly and must pay for their murder and treachery with their lives.

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