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Benjamin Fulford: The World Is Heading For A New Era, A Golden Age, Not A New World Order


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Benjamin Fulford: The World Is Heading For A New Era, A Golden Age, Not A New World Order

Benjamin Fulford’s March 6th interview on American Freedom Radio with Shawn David Morton on his Strange Universe show was the best yet. I listened to it a few times trying to sort it all out but it went everywhere, so the best thing you can do if you are interested in his point of view and the forces working against the New Wold Order of George Bush and his gang of criminal Nazi’s and the Satanic Khazarian banksters headed by Rothschild is to hear it for yourself.

I have had my doubts about Fulford, but the more I hear him and not just read his blog, the more credibility he seems to have. Talking openly, he seems to be consistent, as if handling facts, rather than making things up as he goes along. The lawsuit he talked about late last year is real and was brought in the Southern District of New York, and Geitner’s being brought in for questioning by New York police was even covered by Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News.

According to Fulford’s blog, Pentagon sources say that George Bush Senior and Bill Gates were also arrested for attempting to sabotage the new financial system after being fingered by Geithner during his detention.

The White Dragon Society – yes, it may sound like a joke to us, but they are Asiatic, and not all power resides in the Western banksters’ world as you might erroneously think if the Rothschild cabal’s Zionist mainlie media is your primary or only source of information – and others working for a new era on earth are going into “active mode” and have a “jaw dropper” planned for this month. I know Fulford’s blog followers and listeners can hardly wait, but we shall see.

According to Fulford, the band of “criminal gangsters who are very stupid and have ruined our planet are fired,” and have until the end of March to surrender. The problem is, they don’t want to give up which means there might still be an economic collapse because they are out of money, and the stuff they print up – the dollars and euros – are no longer being accepted outside of a few Western countries.

The time of these “criminal goons making a mess of the world we all share” is coming to an end because they are “out of friends, out of money, and out of lies” and the 40% or so in the the US and Western Europe who are still manipulated by them live in a fantasy world. No one else – which includes the rest of the world – pays any attention to them, anymore.

As for WW3, Fulford keeps saying this will never happen. Iranian president, Ahmadinejad, is a Jewish Mossad agent working with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to create the war, but the latter has already been told that any Israeli planes heading for Iran will be shot down. The US, Russian, and Chinese militaries have agreed to work together to prevent a world war, and the only ones wanting it are the Kharazian Satanists who seek do destroy the world and rule what’s left of it from Jerusalem, with the rest of us as their slaves. Fulford, by the way, is Jewish.

Some tidbits:

- The Greek bailout is just the banksters trying to bail each other out with money that doesn’t exist.

- What we call a financial crisis is really a financial war with the Khazarian banksters trying to maintain power by keeping the new financial system from being put in place.

- The Federal Reserve no longer holds the rights to create money valid on the world scene and their ‘money’ is being rejected in most places.

- Bill Gates was arrested for sabotaging the computers being used for the new financial system.

- The Khazarian banksters own most of the big corporations and got them illegally; many of these will be returned to their rightful owners.

- The big pharmaceutical companies will have to go, as will Monsanto. Monsanto will not exist a year from now.

- Timothy Geitner told New York police that both he and Obama work for George Bush Senior [ever see these supposed left/right opponents yuck it up together?}. Bush can’t leave the country. The people watching Bush are not Secret Service Agents but US Marshals.

- A meritorious economic system is in the works, with a budget of $100,000 for every man, woman, and child on earth.

Fulford ended the interview saying, “From now on the dominant theme of the planet will not be fear, but love.”

There is much to do before we get there, but it is looking – as I like to say – that the losers will have lost it all in the end. They can’t help themselves since they are, after all, losers.

If you’d like to hear the interview for yourself, Kauilapele?s Blog has the mp3 files posted. It’s also a good place to find a lot of information from Fulford, including his own blog posts.

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