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Hear Drake's Latest Q&A Regarding The Mass Arrests Of Our Domestic Enemies And The Things To Come


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Hear Drake's Latest Q&A Regarding The Mass Arrests Of Our Domestic Enemies And The Things To Come

Once again, Kauilapele’s Blog has done the service of taking Drake’s Question & Answer session from the Freedom Reigns broadcast of last Thursday, confining it to the portion with Drake, and even breaking it down into mp3 format.

Here are the links:

Drake’s Portion Complete (109 minutes)

Part 1 (mp3)
Part 2 (mp3)
Part 3 (mp3)
Part 4 (mp3)

To hear Drake speak, it does sound as if the plan is thorough and that the principals have all the bases covered. He never answers a question with what he thinks people would like to hear, but according to the facts, as best he knows and/or can reveal them.

While government will be returned to the Constitution and to Common Law, and the major figures in the conspiratorial treason against the Constitution and our Republic will be the first to go down and will be shown being carted off to the the FEMA camps they had built for us, the process will continue on at least two levels, both of which will be up to we the people to complete:

  • It will be up to we the people to identify domestic enemies who have been working counter to the Constitution at the local level and see that these miscreants are adjudicated and justice is served. (Yes, even the people responsible for things such a the death of the ‘chicken man’ in Roswell, Georgia, last month, will get theirs.)
  • It will be up to the various legislatures to rebuild our governing structure so that it works within the Constitution. It will be up to we the people to step up to these positions and to see that good people fill them.

As for our domestic enemies, I’d hate to be one of these vermin. Drake says he would have pulled the switch on them by now, but he’s not one holding it. He is, however, hopeful/confident that it will happen within the next few weeks. I hope that just word of this getting out has them shitting in their shoes.

Yes, there will be some very big changes, but not all of them will come overnight. If you want to know how things will operate after the sweep is made, he suggests you do a search and read up on common law.

Something you might want to consider is that under common law, if there is no injured party, there is no crime. In other words, bye-bye bureaucratic regulations and ‘administrative law.’

Bye-bye bullshit as well as bullying bullshitters.

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