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New York To Reverse Ban On Magazine Size In SAFE Act


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New York To Reverse Ban On Magazine Size In SAFE Act

AP reports that New York will lift the seven round magazine limit of the SAFE Act because seven round magazines aren’t being made. The alleged ‘law’ (unconstitutional: null and void) will, however, still stipulate that magazines can not be loaded with more than seven rounds (except in time of war, it’s safe to assume).

This is analogous to the way domestic enemies and losers like Coumo limit their minds by dishonestly limiting what’s inconvenient rather than letting truth and reality in.

Reality won out (seven round magazines not being available), but they still presume to limit it.

Small minds.

How many rounds will your magazines hold?

And how much truth and reality will you try to keep out of your mind?

In America, the Constitution is truth and reality, and that’s just too much for domestic enemies and losers with restricted mental capacities to handle.

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