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REVIEW: Judaism's Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman


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REVIEW: Judaism's Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman

Judaism’s Strange Gods is a thoroughly disgusting book, not for what Michael Hoffman has written, but for what it tells us about Judaism, namely, that it is ungodly and a sorry excuse for a religion; it does nothing to worship or glorify God, but goes above and beyond the call of decency in worshiping and glorifying itself.

The centerpiece of Judaism is, of course, not the Torah, the equivalent of the Christian Old Testament, but the Talmud, the oral tradition of the Pharisees that was first written down 200 years into the Christian era and expanded upon 300 years later, in about 500 CE; and oh, what a nasty piece of work it is.

The Talmud is racist, hate-filled, and dishonest, a veritable handbook for losers who can’t win honestly as real winners do but must lie and cheat to simulate victory. The Talmud makes dishonesty an art and a science and brings it to new levels, particularly in the ways Jews are to deal with non-Jews who are viewed as less than human and expendable in the skewed, Jewish scheme of things.

For a good part of Judaism’s Strange Gods, Hoffman gives example after nauseating example of this inherent dishonesty, including how to cheat God – particularly if you are a rabbi – and do it with His imagined blessing.

Something that stood out for me was the amount of psychological projection present in Judaism, that is, the penchant to take the worst characteristics of yourself, or in this case, themselves, and ascribe these to others. For example, seeing non-Jews as unfair and not trustworthy while telling Jews not to be trustworthy in dealing with non-Jews but to treat them unfairly; or justifying killing Palestinians because “In the Talmudic imagination, the Palestinian people are coming collectively to kill the Judaics, so the Palestinian people must be killed preventively” never thinking that it was the ‘Judaics’ who collectively came to Palestine and killed the Palestinians living there.

Judaism is a two-faced religion, publicly presented as tolerant and beneficent while secretly – and sometimes not so secretly – hostile toward non-Jews and particularly hateful toward Christians, even calling for their execution simply because they are Christians and not Jews. It works hard and overtime to keep its people in darkness.

Something else that non-Jews may not be aware of are the many sexual hang-ups in Judaism, particularly around menstrual blood, with some rabbis even doing panty checks for ritual purity. Judaism is also abusive of children, with fellatio performed on infant boys as part of their circumcision ritual, and sex with boys under the age of nine or girls under the age of three seen as nothing for adults of either gender.

Judaism’s Strange Gods is a 382 page condensation of Hoffman’s earlier, 1102 page work, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit, that’s meant for a more general audience. Michael Hoffman is nothing if not thorough, and even in this abbreviated volume he completely documents what he says, sometimes with copies of the original Hebrew text, and includes 356 footnotes in backing it all up. You can order Judaism’s Strange Gods directly from the author or find it listed on Amazon.

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