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Texe Marrs: 82-page Intelligence Report on Israel NOT a Mossad Psyops False Flag Project


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Texe Marrs: 82-page Intelligence Report on Israel NOT a Mossad Psyops False Flag Project

Intelligence Examiner

Texe Marrs

Bibi Netanyahu with Barack Obama
Almost two years ago, I disclosed that Barack Obama had shocked Washington, D.C. insiders by firing his White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, and sending him packing back to Chicago. It was, after all, billionaire Jews that were the mentors and money men for Obama. Yet, here he was asserting his independence from the Zionists.

Since that time, it has become clear that President Obama has refused to be a lackey for the Zionists and has flatly told Prime Minister Netanyahu that America will not do Israel?s dirty work and attack Iran. Obama?s surprisingly courageous smackdown of the militant Jewish overseers of America finally has resulted in an 82-page intelligence report that defines a new approach by America towards Zionist belligerence. Some simply cannot believe that Obama would be so bold. A few websites are even suggesting that the new intelligence report is a Mossad psyops false flag project. Not so!

Sources reveal that the draft report entitled ?Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East,? currently in form as a ?talking paper,? formulated by the US Intelligence Community, is in fact making the rounds in Washington. The Neocons and Israel are crazed in anger because of the negative implications of this report for the Zionist Middle East and global agendas. What is in the report reveals what many of the loyal, pro-American Intel specialists in D.C., in the academic community, and among the Pentagon?s military brass privately think and are saying.

President Obama?s actions in refusing to attack Iran and in snubbing Netanyahu, and those of the Chairman of the JCS, General Martin Dempsey, in putting Netanyahu and the IDF in their place, give credence to the fact that America?s attitude and foreign policy strategy regarding Israel is rapidly changing.

Israel?s sayanim (spies and agents) in the USA, in Congress and elsewhere, have been instructed to deny this draft report exists. It is suggested they attempt to portray the report as a ?Mossad psyops False Flag? project or, if that attempt fails, as simply another effort by anti-Semites to smear Israel. In reality, it would be suicide for Israel?s Mossad to have made this report up as a psyop. The fact is that the report?s anti-Zionist, pro-truth doctrinal philosophy is extremely damaging to Israel and to Israel?s militant leadership. Israel would not ?out? Israel nor declare itself a ?rogue state? antithetical to US national interests. The draft report does exactly that. Anyone who thinks that the Zionists would inflict such terrific wounds to their own image is naive.

What is happening is that Israel and its agents of influence are desperately working to minimize the findings of this report; their intent is to either derail it permanently or to water it down and dilute its impact. They may well succeed. But the proverbial cat is already out of the bag.

Even if this ?talking paper? draft were eventually derailed and discarded as a result of the Zionists? ongoing frantic efforts to kill it, its draft form would still bear legitimacy because it was originated by respected professionals in the US Intelligence Community, among which are pro-American elements vociferously opposed to Netanyahu and the Israeli crazies. In any event, the findings of the report are critical in that Israel is characterized as both a liability and as a drain on American resources and credibility in the Middle East region and across the globe.

In fact, the report, as drafted, is, in essence, a powerful document which clearly furthers the goal of the US intelligence Community to encourage a dramatic shift in national policy and to promote a more healthy foreign policy. The preferred new policy takes into account the growing influence of the Moslem world, Russian and Chinese concerns, and the overriding interests of US national security.

The Pentagon and America?s Intel leadership represent a knowledgeable counterforce to the Zionist lobby and its burrowed-down sayanim. President Obama is also fully briefed and aware of the dangerous agenda and duplicitous conduct of the Israelis. The insane, costly pro-Zionist Neocon policies and Israel?s terrorist activities are dangerous to our security and unwise in the extreme. Therefore, this carefully reasoned report tells it like it is. Israel is accurately seen to be a radical outcast in the world and a criminal state. For such an unstable nation as Israel to possess hundreds of nuclear bombs as it does now is simply unthinkable.

Whether the draft intelligence assessment ever sees the light of day as a final, definitive statement is irrelevant. Perception is reality, and the draft report itself is, at this very moment, dramatically changing the public perception of Israel and is significantly undermining the flawed foundation upon which the whole house of Zionism rests. Again, this fact negates the possibility that the report is a Mossad project.

It should be noted that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has become a laughable cartoon character with his over-the-top, Nazi-like UN and AIPAC speeches and his comical exaggerations of Iran?s nuclear capability. Consequently, American foreign policy is viewed by the 120 unaligned nations as regressive. Both the USA and Israel are global pariahs, and America is viewed as a foreign policy dinosaur for its bloody support of the Zionist agenda. Eventually, things had to change, and they are changing.

It is also significant that PBS recently aired a powerful documentary which exposed the house of cards of the 9/11 monstrosity. This was no accident, and if the American public does begin to recognize the heinous role played by Israel?s Mossad in the 9/11 crime, the Intel Community draft report will quickly become cemented and confirmed as accepted public policy.

Finally, the joint action and concurrence of all sixteen US intelligence agencies has precedent in an intelligence report published during the final months of the George W. Bush White House. That report, signed by all 16 intel agencies, essentially branded Israel?s leaders, the Mossad. and the Neocon think tanks as liars and fakers. The report stated definitively that, in contrast to Israel?s oft-repeated propaganda, Iran has no nuclear weapons and is not developing any.

Israel and Netanyahu were enraged, and the Bush-Cheney administration vigorously attempted to kill the draft report. To no avail?it was eventually released to the public and to the mainstream media, which sought, of course, to minimize its damning (to Israel) findings.

Texe Marrs
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