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Yes, the so-called ‘tea parties’ are useful. Even though they have been hijacked by neocons, get ignored by the media and/or are under reported by same and require permits, that is permission (why should Constitutionally protected free speech require anyone’s permission?) the sheer numbers, as in DC this past September, can have the privileged little cowards currently holding power shitting in their shoes.

Our alleged representatives know that we the people are extremely unhappy with them and their agenda but at the same time efforts like the tea parties allow them to continue their sheltered little lives imagining themselves to be ‘esteemed’ representatives, the ‘honorable’ this-and-that, when dishonorable domestic enemy and traitor is generally closer to actual fact.

But, for the most part, to hell with tea parties and massive demonstrations. They take about as much time and planning as the Normandy invasion, everyone expects them, and then they generally get ignored.

What’s far better and more effective is to use political street fighting and small group guerrilla tactics that carry the element of surprise. What these do is throw the enemy off balance by bringing the truth directly to their door then making the confrontation up-close-and-personal by publicly throwing their lies into their deceitful, thieving faces.

As has recently been shown by various ‘We Are Change’ groups that came to Al Gore’s book signings and effectively shut him down while embarrassing him with the truth, the thing to do is have these confrontations recorded by group members and then posted all over the World Wide Web.

Similar confrontations earlier in the year had congressmen hiding from constituents with whom they should have been meeting while home on break. There is nothing these vermin are less comfortable with than informed, articulate persons armed with the truth and not afraid to confront them.

Bring in video cameras, and these pretentious, high-and-mighty politicians that ‘write’ the laws [we know the special interest groups they serve actually write these for them and that they not only do not write them but do not read them] wilt under the light of truth like the weak little pansies that they are.


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While destroying the left/right paradigm is, as Alex Jones and others have shown so well, both a good tactic and useful strategy, it should also be applied as a rule for certain victory in this war for liberty.


Because anyone who has their left/right, their Democrat/Republican, or their Liberal/Conservative view shattered has a very hard time putting the globalist deception back together again. In fact, you could call this the Humpty Dumpty effect.

Once aware of what is happening, people begin to change, and the more they learn, the faster they change making their former world very hard to return to.

Take, for example, a faithful Rush Limbaugh listener of many years. In a matter of only a few weeks of tuning into Alex Jones he may not be able to listen to Limbaugh again. As for putting up with liberals like Chris Matthews, their insanity becomes quite clear and going back to listening to mainlie news is like going through withdrawal, and feeling like you have to puke.

Alex’s two most recent films, The Obama Deception and The Fall Of The Republic are excellent for opening divided eyes. So is his radio program.

But in the short term, if you understand it, you can use every opportunity that comes your way as a chance to educate someone about how the world really operates. This paradigm is their Achilles heel because it exposes the dishonesty at the very heart of their message.

To use another analogy, their dishonesty is the equivalent of their having placed a noose around their own necks, and shattering the paradigm is like kicking the stool out from under them. It leaves them hanging and without any traction.

The truth, as always, has that effect.


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Liars and cheats can’t stand exposure. That is why they detest free speech and resort to calling anyone seeking the truth a ‘denier,’ a ‘racist,’ a ‘birther,’ or other ad hominem epitaph. Exposing the truth is their death knell.

The enemy’s success depends upon deception, upon doing what they do in secret, on tricks and disinformation, on slight-of-hand, and to coin a phrase, slight-of-mouth.

To better see that the enemy is in actuality a group of losers who can’t win without stacking the deck in their favor, lets go with a card game analogy.

There is a group of friends and acquaintances that meet each week for a ‘friendly’ game of poker. They basically get along fine.

One of them wins consistently, but the rest of the group is somewhat split about what’s behind his success. Some think he is a very good card player while others think he just has a lot of luck. In their eyes he is a ‘winner’ even though their feelings of admiration for his ability mix with feelings of envy, since he always walks away with their money making them feel like ‘losers.’

But then something happens, something changes.

One day he is caught cheating.

Not only do his friends feel they have been taken, but exposed, he loses all respect and is seen as the real loser, as someone who thought so little of his ability to win that he had to cheat his friends and fellow players. He wasn’t really a friend but a sociopath – a liar – a loser – a cheat.

When you know that the enemy we face, like the card cheat, wins dishonestly, you know their secret and that this is winnable by simply exposing their slight-of-hand, and slight-of-mouth.

One of their favorite tricks is to create problems where none exist to take advantage of people and situations. Whether it is the swine flu hoax, the health care hoax, the global warming hoax, or even the 911 hoax, they all bring more money and power to them through creating a problem then cheating on a monumental scale to provide their preconceived ’solution’ while all honest and open debate is stifled or ignored.

There are some who believe this war is not winnable at all; others who feel it is not winnable without physical violence. However, if you realize that the loser slime and scum behind the fraud, like any mold or fungus can only grow in the darkness, you know that focusing on their dishonesty and bringing their cheating to light will ultimately destroy them.


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Winners create values. Losers destroy them. A loser in a $3000 suit is a loser nonetheless. America and the world are awash with losers, with nothings pretending to be something, kings, queens, politicians, bureaucrats, and bankers included.

Losers are psychopaths and sociopaths. They could never have what they have and never be who they are without lying, cheating, killing and stealing. They want the best for themselves, but unlike the honest people who built America, they will not work to get it. They are criminals. Timothy Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Al Gore, and Barack Obama are criminals, losers in a $3000 suits.

In freedom, the American people through their hard work created a great nation, a nation of winners. Losers cheated their way into power and control and destroyed her. In freedom, Americans could rebuild a great nation. That’s why the losers are taking America’s freedom away, because in freedom, in an open market, these losers are uncompetitive nothings.

Take government, for example. You can see the losers reflected in their actions, in what they do and in what they don’t do. Losers invariably refuse to do what needs to be done to make a better nation, such as stopping illegal immigration and a senseless war on drugs, then do everything they can to further bring America down, such as imposing sham carbon taxes and bureaucratic health care on its people.

Dishonesty is the hallmark of losers. Their lives really are built on bad intentions. They blame the America they deliberately crippled, and blame the American people that they have used and abused in their quest for ill gotten power and ill gotten gain, but they are the true culprits and cheats: the thieving, non-productive bankers who created no honest, needed values but stole and destroyed America’s values, instead; the non-productive, cheating politicians and bureaucrats who created no values that people would freely buy in an open market, but destroyed American productivity and values, instead.

It is time to do away with those who cheat their way into power and control to the detriment of America and America’s creative and productive people. Expose the dishonesty of these losers and their criminal intent. They must be brought to justice as the liars, cheats, thieves and murderers they are. We don’t need them, they need us and they know it. It’s time Americans realized it, too, and showed them the highway… or the inside of a 4x8 foot cell.

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Sorry to have to be vulgar, but this is a fight for our freedom and there really is no better way of saying it. All is certainly fair in war, especially when you’ve been attacked by an enemy you thought was your friend.

The enemy doesn’t play nicely. The enemy doesn’t play fairly. The enemy is out to destroy your life, so why be nice when a little vulgarity can be more effective in getting people’s attention.

Think about it. Anyone who would take your freedom from you is an immoral shit, wouldn’t you agree?

And anyone who would take your freedom away for power, pleasure, or profit is an even bigger shit and more immoral.

Let them know it and let everyone know it. It’s easy to explain, and it hits hard.

Barack Obama… a shit.

Nancy Pelosi… a shit.

David Rockefeller… a bigger shit.

It drives home the point, doesn’t it?

Low-life and bottom-feeder are a little iffy and too polite. They lack the shock value of calling someone a shit.

Calling traitors shits helps people to see through them and to cut to their core so that they can be observed as being the naked little emperors that they are, no matter their rank or title.

They can have their fakery. They can prop each other up and have the news media lend its support. But it doesn’t change the fact that these sociopaths are shits who care nothing for you, for America, or for liberty.

So take it to them and expose them for what they are. Let these back stabbing enemies stand proud in their immorality toward America and its people. The shits.


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The enemy lies all the time. It is their mode of operation.

Losers cannot win in fair and open competition, so they constantly and consistently lie, cheat, kill, and steal to get their way.

Presidents, senators, congressmen, judges, bureaucrats, all refuse to tell the truth. Not only do they lie about their intentions and in their everyday affairs – losers that they are – they have lied about the attack on 9/11, lied about the Patriot Act, lied about Obama’s ineligibility, lied about taxes, lied about the Federal Reserve, lied about wars and the reasons for them, lied about Israel, lied about terrorism, lied about global warming, lied about swine flu, lied about the illegal invasion of our nation, lied about the war on drugs, and lied about a whole lot more.

Patriots and good people believe in telling the truth, and of course, the enemy uses that against them. Because the enemies of the Constitution lie to us and refuse to tell us the truth, we owe no truth to them.

Trust works both ways. Our domestic enemies have proven themselves untrustworthy, so the American people and especially Patriots, don’t owe them their trust and don’t owe them the truth. They are undeserving our trust and will only use that trust against us. Don’t let them do it.

You no more owe the enemy the truth than you owe the truth to any other thief or murderer. Self-defense, in what you say or don’t say or in any other way, is always a legitimate option. Self-defense is a Creator-endowed right, a corollary of the right to life. Self-defense is unalienable.

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